Postcard Day!

Postcard Day!

It seems recently that the officials elected to represent us and make the laws that govern our society are reluctant to hear what we have to say.

Lawmakers are locking the doors to their offices, canceling their Town Hall meetings, shutting down their phone lines, and when they do hear from us, they are declaring that “THOSE are not the RIGHT Americans.”

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Dear Senator McCain

…I had been meaning to do this for some time. Here’s the letter I sent to John McCain.

We were once the good guys.

You and I both fought for that.

We were the guys who rolled into town with food, medicine, and clean blankets.

We were the people who stepped in to put an end to torture and tyranny.

I know you and I haven’t always worked the same side of the aisle, but we BOTH love this country and stand for its greatness.

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Proper English (according to me)

…I found great insight in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the use of “Proper English.”

knox_bible_openedIt makes the point that we pretend there are definitive and immutable rules about the use of the language when in fact, they are simply stylistic conventions. We pretend that the injunction against ending a sentence with a preposition is a law of nature, occupying a lofty natural state alongside that of gravity or the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

If the truth were told…

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A Word or Two About Freedom

…I saw a posting online yesterday that carried the headline “Freedom or Surveillance” as if the two things were somehow diametrically opposed.

I know that some folks are startled by the amount of surveillance that is currently in use in our society. Certainly I have abandoned the worry myself with a bit of wry cynicism. But there’s a lot more that has me be at ease with the increasing amount of automated oversight in our communities.

What’s that Vincent, you’re okay with Big Brother?