Avengers: Endgame

Went to see the movie at the Sonoma County Airport Stadium theater. Can’t say anything about the film – Thought maybe I should observe a sensible spoiler margin for a few days here…professor-hulk-avengers-endgame-headerThe theater has it right for exhibition though. They filled every screening room with chairs that would put mosts airline first-class seating to utter shame. They ran this film on something like 6 or 7 screens for most of the first day as far as I could see.

And they did offer some interesting ideas for theater food. They are not doing the whole boutique menu, hand prepared thing. It’s still a “snack bar.” But the menu ideas are suitable for food that can stay good even in the brutal and chaotic world of “a night at the movies.”

After most people have had their chance to see the movie, I could say more about it. I will say this now. I’m inclined to see it again, and soon.

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