Star Wars Isn’t Dead

Last night we went to see “The Last Jedi.”

(Do not read below the fold until you’ve seen the movie, or if you don’t care about spoilers. This is not a review, it’s simply some of my reactions.)

the-last-jedi-theatrical-blogThe franchise has changed a lot, but many of the things that made Star Wars great are still in the bucket.

I’ll watch it again (maybe while it’s still in theatres) and then I’ll know what I really think. But I don’t care whether “it’s good or bad” but rather, did I have fun. Last night I did.

A lot of people are talking about how the film is representative of female empowerment. The heroes of the movie are both men and women, but the girls play a prominent role and show some of the deepest heroism.

One columnist said in effect, “The Last Jedi shows a great example of how men and women can work together as equals. It’s not that hard.” (I do not have her column in front of me just now, but that’s the essence of her observation.”)

(Spoiler Alert) In my opinion, one of the finest lines from the film is delivered by the spunky pilot-warrior Rose. She told her fellow rebel, “We don’t win by fighting what we hate. We win by saving what we love.”

It’s a good idea to give that sentiment serious consideration in our times.

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