Trip to Knoxville

…just a quick note to document that I had a chance to travel for business (and more) to Tennessee.

Kristen and I traveled on Oct 1 to Nashville and spent the evening visiting with songwriter Olivia West. We had a lovely evening with her and her family around a fire while Olivia played some of her new songs, and some of her older ones.

We drove from there to Knoxville and stayed for a week to do business.

During that time, we had the opportunity to visit a number of very nice restaurants and local attractions.

We wrapped up the week by hosting a happy hour visit with some of my students, and then by driving back to Nashville for an evening.

On our return trip, Kristen lost track of her wallet and we were quite fortunate that the hotel located it and sent it back to us later in the week.

We sat about 4 hours for a layover in Los Angeles (LAX).

On the drive back from the airport, we saw large clouds of smoke on the horizon from a fire that was burning near Napa CA. We had no idea how the coming dawn would greet us in our own town.


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