…for some reason on this day, I rose at about 4am and sat with my computer to catch up on games, and recreational reading. I worked at the dining room table for a couple of hours, savoring the quiet of the pre-dawn morning.

At about 6am, the household landline began to ring. (Yes, we still have a landline.) Thinking that it was a prank call, or some marketing nonsense, I simply picked up the phone and hung it up immediately. Right away, there was an urgent knock at the front door.

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Trip to Knoxville

…just a quick note to document that I had a chance to travel for business (and more) to Tennessee.

Kristen and I traveled on Oct 1 to Nashville and spent the evening visiting with songwriter Olivia West. We had a lovely evening with her and her family around a fire while Olivia played some of her new songs, and some of her older ones.

We drove from there to Knoxville and stayed for a week to do business.

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