…it’s probably clear that I haven’t been regular about updating this record of my thoughts and ideas. Often when I have some old paperwork I’m about to throw out, I will put in a back-dated entry that details the memories related to the documents.

Occasionally, I’ll have something I can’t resist but talk about and it’s not appropriate for one of my other blogs. So I come here.

At this point, I will simply complete this checkpoint by observing that I’m currently doing most of my professional work with a company called MuleSoft that has a high demand for training on their technology. (Things look good for them for a while too, they just went public and were very well received, so probably keep having work with them.)

My filmmaking has slowed down recently as I’ve ramped up on the new technology (MuleSoft) in preparation for teaching it. I’ve also given a lot of time to a radio show/podcast I’m producing called Voices Unchained.

Next steps: Use the work with (and earnings from) MuleSoft to fund additional production support for Voices Unchained, Be My Guest (the animated variety show), and two other podcast projects that are on the drawing board.

So much to do. But I can still always find a little bit of time to record my adventures here.


Published by vincentlowe

Got some opinions and not afraid to share them! Just as long as we're having fun, right?

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