Postcard Day!

It seems recently that the officials elected to represent us and make the laws that govern our society are reluctant to hear what we have to say.

Lawmakers are locking the doors to their offices, canceling their Town Hall meetings, shutting down their phone lines, and when they do hear from us, they are declaring that “THOSE are not the RIGHT Americans.”

So — postcards, right?!


It’s just that misogyny, racism, corruption, and elitism are NOT the values we’ve been raised with.

An administration that aspires to hide information from the American people and declares efforts to inform us to be “illegal” — an administration that mistakenly labels anyone who comes here from another country to be an “illegal alien” — an administration that brands any part of the judiciary that holds him to account to be “illegitimate” — and an administration that is willing to publish, and speak on the record, things that are demonstrably proven to be untrue — that sort of an administration is illegal, illegitimate, and unsustainable.

So yeah, postcards!


Published by vincentlowe

Got some opinions and not afraid to share them! Just as long as we're having fun, right?

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