Musical Magic (round 2)

We made our way to Berkeley for a house concert by Rebecca Loebe — last stop on her album release tour for Blink.

She performed every song from the new album in sequence, although she took a break in the middle to entertain audiences with some of her classic material.

It was a magical night (I’m not casually dipping into hyperbole here — this woman truly has the power to create magic) and I know that I was not the only one in the audience who spent much of the night with teary eyes.

She gave the audience her best, and in spite of her grueling schedule, she showed up cheerful and friendly on the break. This lady is the real deal, as a performer, as a songwriter, and overall as a person.

Her music and performance schedule is readily available to fans, and to those who didn’t know that they would become fans soon.

After performing for us, she hopped on a shuttle to get the redeye flight back to Austin where she would help kick off South by Southwest and appear something like six times in the subsequent seven days.

It’s hard to praise here enough, and if you could actually do it, there’s some doubt as to whether anyone would believe you. So the only response that really makes any sense is to simply invite the listener to hear her music.

It’s a one-way trip though. You don’t easily come back from falling in love with Rebecca Loebe.

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