Apples to Hammers

…This was the date when we turned in a short film for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project.

The movie was called Apples to Hammers, and we shot most of it in a camping tent. Except for one scene in an office, and one scene outside of a camper/pickup, we kept the cast mostly inside a tent for the primary conversation that drove the narrative.


It was the first time we’d featured music by Lizzie Karr, and the first time I’d worked with Kyle Donnelly. Both were smart moves.

The final movie was “interesting” and certainly my various teams did a great job with their tasks. The flaws were mostly my fault and include insufficient coverage for the montage, too little and too awkward coverage of the metaphorical dance sequence, and a very poorly edited action sequence at the end.

But we had fun, learned a lot, and the team was happy to be at the screening when the movie premiered.

There is still a tiny chance of a more polished cut that we might not mind showing to someone one day.