A Model Solution: The Release Cut

…I just finished printing the release cut from our 48 Hour Film, A Model Solution. I spent some time today learning how to use LiveType to make the end credits, and while I had the timeline open, I trimmed some scenes to make them less boring. (Yes, although I attribute some of it to exhaustion,Continue reading “A Model Solution: The Release Cut”

48 Hour Film Completed

…on this date I turned in the first 48 Hour Film I’ve completed in several years. (Not because I’ve been failing all this time, but because I have been ineligible to compete for about 5 years as the City Producer for San Jose.) This is also the first film I’ve submitted that I produced, directed,Continue reading “48 Hour Film Completed”

The San Jose 48 Hour Film Project Highlights

…on this date we hold the highlights and awards for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose. The show is in the Theatre on San Pedro, and we have about 80 people in the house for the show. Tonight we’ll have a chance to honor Christian Pizzirani who wrote and directed theContinue reading “The San Jose 48 Hour Film Project Highlights”