Music Video Released

…it’s finally out there!

On this date, we released the first music video I ever directed and co-produced.

Amy Obenski’s music video for Words On A Page was shown at a public concert in San Francisco. It took us a long time to get it out, maybe a couple of years from first script to first screening.

woap-3Part of the delay was the long time it took to get the final bits of footage we needed. Part of the delay was finishing the edit on the piece.

Richie Lopez (from EyeQ Films) shot the piece, and Evan Donn (from It Donned On Me) edited it for us. Amy and I co-created the concept for the video, she wrote the script and took the lead with production. I took the lead with direction.

It took a lot of people to complete this project, and it looks great. The video still plays well.

We used it as a musical feature in the second episode of Be My Guest years later. So it still pops up in rotation during retrospectives and highlights shows.