Road to Mars – and more about books

…I recently completed "The Road to Mars" by Eric Idle. 

You may know this author as the genius behind the songs of Monty Python (including the spectacular "Universe Song" and the hilarious "Penis Song"). He can also write.  In fact, this novel doubles as a treatise on comedy as its plotline follows the fictional comedy duo of Muscroft and Ashby on their interplanetary adventure.  I liked the story, I liked the insight into comedy, and I enjoyed the journey with Idle as he explores the devices of the novel.

This was a worthwhile book to read, but more importantly, it is now possible to give it away through Bookcrossing.

I’ve written about it before in this journal, but I think it bears repeating, and I’m committed to participating in an expanded way during the coming year.

In summary, is an online community that has the mission of sharing books freely all over the world.  Much like, the idea is that people will mark the book, register it online, and release it somewhere, then wait for it to appear again when a subsequent reader discovers the book and updates the online journal for it.

We’ve released about 120 books so far as an individual effort and in the coming year we will formalize the effort with an official Schoolhouse Earth program to stimulate book exchanges through this method.  So keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, or right here in this journal as we spread the word about Bookcrossing and launch our program to get more books in circulation.

In the meantime, see if you can find Eric Idle’s book if you love comedy, science fiction, or just reading a good adventure.

Interviewed for San Jose TV show about local filmmakers

…two great things happened today.

I finished the first round of my course for Apple about Python programming, and I sat down with the staff of local TV show “In Our Midst” to talk about the 48 Hour Film Project.

I thought the class went well, and I’m pretty happy about how the interview went.

This entry is archival, so I already have the link to the program online.

I thought we had a great discussion and I got to mention a ton of our San Jose 48HFP faithful.