Who We Are — Really?

I wrote a note to a colleague today. I was just noticing something about my reaction to what another friend had written, and I was inspired to write my colleague and share what I’d discovered.

Mostly it was about credibility, stature in the community, and ultimately it was about the vision I have for Schoolhouse Earth. I didn’t know it would come out like this. I’ve posted the message here with minor edits to give it a more generalized point of view.

Okay, show it to us…

You just have to love it

…here’s the thing. In times like these, some people and companies place their fist tightly around their wallets and clamp down.  This attitude has them reduce quality or service and raise prices.

Others steam ahead full force, convinced that improved value, innovation, creativity, and imagination is what will take us out of "times like these."  I love those people.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by the technology (and particularly software) industry.  We expect improved functionality and value on a recurring basis.  That’s what we continue to get.  Here are some success stories that tell me what we’re on the right track with the strategy.

What stories are you talking about Vincent?

There he goes again…

…I am not actively driving readership to this journal. It’s meant primarily to be more personal and mostly for my friends. I’m developing a more professional blog at blogspot and as I populate it with content, I’ll refer to it here a bit more.

This next rant would be appropriate there, save for two reasons. The first is that this is meant to be more a quiet communication to someone at Sprint who’s actively and authentically reaching out to the customer base and I think it’s appropriate to give him a chance to take action before ranting in a more highly visible public place. The second is that it’s not my core business to share these opinions, so it would really de-focus my messaging and my branding to post it there.

On the other hand, I just re-read it and it’s too delicious (to me) not to publish it somewhere. So you (my friends) get to savor this rant. If you’re a cell phone user and have any opinions about your carrier, you may enjoy it and even agree with some of my thoughts here. The genesis of this piece by the way is that the Sprint CEO made a statement this week about the poor financial performance at Sprint, mostly blaming the economy and the "churn" in the segment of their customer base consisting of the "least valuable customers."

Boy, wouldn’t that get me started…

Where to start?

…a friend of mine was talking recently about how he might start to operate a video blog or a podcast with regular updates. I told him what I’d learned from journaling here and from agreeing to blog for an education magazine. (It’s Converge Magazine Online – we launch on May 12th) It’s easy to start with a lot of inspiration and a fire in the belly, but the real work comes when you have to write and you just don’t feel like it. There are a number of things you can do to combat the onset of "blogger’s fatigue" but none of them is guaranteed to carry the day. What usually works is that you have no choice. (Like you signed a contract, or accepted money for the gig, or the people around you demand a new update.)

So at least I can share the tips I shared with my friend. (And hope that today this will turn the tide, because I am resisting this vigorously and I owe about 2-3 updates given the length of time since I posted — and my promise to do this every Sunday.)

I have 6 simple tips for bloggers who need to overcoming writers’ block.

Give us those tips, Vincent!