My Life is Ridiculous!

…look, I get to enjoy live music made by my friends all the time. I get to travel all over the world. I get to make movies with my friends. I get to hug and play with dozens of dogs all around the Bay Area, and I get to live in a virtual garden the size of my entire neighborhood.

It’s a ridiculous life — no one would believe it if it were a fictional account. But I do have photographic evidence and am happy to share it. Maybe photos of me having a great time are of most interest to those who were there for it, but I have a feeling that some of my family who wonders about me, and some of my friends who haven’t seen me in a while, will also find it interesting to see me tearin’ it up.

I don’t know…but anyway, I’m having fun

Lots of networking

…I went on a blizzard of networking during the Christmas-New Years week. It is starting to yield fruit in spades. Mostly what I did is sent out a ton of messages to people about speculative matters we had been contemplating, or proposing the results of my various brainstorming efforts. Now people are starting to respond at an ever-increasing rate.

So what will come of that..

It’s all over!

…this is it. This is my very last and final journal entry. After this I shall lay down my pen and never write another word. There is nothing that can now matter – THE speech has been written and brilliantly delivered. I can go on no longer…

I am certainly having a hard time believing it. I knew that it would be a great and satisfying day, but it could never have come closer to my dream, to my ideal — it could never have come closer to my fairy tale fantasy about how today would go. It was as if each syllable of the speech had come out of my mind. It was as if he’d found the speech I’d written.

What makes you say that?

Simple Accounting?

 …it’s been quite a week for a holiday season.

What I mean by that is that I’ve covered a lot of ground with my work in the past few days and if I could keep up this pace into the year, the results would exceed my imagination.

We cast Amy’s music video almost completely, set the stage for a brilliant third year of the 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose, and pushed the ball downfield for the production of the western.  That’s a lot of what’s on my mind lately.  That, and College Football.  Well, not really…

What is on your mind then, Vincent?