Ran the Room again

…I love serving in public events as the Toastmaster.  I really enjoy hosting an event, making the energy right for people to perform, speak, or just whatever they are out to do with their self-expression.

So today I served as Toastmaster for the Area F3 Toastmasters International Speech Contest.  What I’ve learned is that to do the job with grace, there needs to be just the right amount of Vincent (like 1-2 minutes of comments at the beginning, and about 12 minutes of comments and interviews at the end) and mostly the focus on the people who came to perform.

Tonight I hosted and I did create inspiration, wonder, and delight for the people who attended.  I think that the room had about 45 by the time we did the show.

My comments spoke to the need for us to be responsible here, on the ground in our society, for how things go.  We can have leaders who do whatever they do, but the society that is granted by the people, and sustained by them, has a life of its own, and that mostly consists of the actions we take here in our lives.

I invited each person there to take responsibility for leadership in our society.  Some of them accepted, I think!


It’s really time now…

…I am now officially in favor of beginning procedures to prosecute Americans who have committed war crimes in the past 10 years.  I believe we will begin to find a very large pool of folks who are eligible for review by a responsible body operating with this concern.

Today we turn our back on the opportunity to tell the world that America treats its prisoners humanely. (House fails to override Bush veto of anti-torture legislation)

  Today America says to the world again, “it’s not MY fault.  HE started it!”  We are shrill frightened children who quiver at the prospect of the bogeyman, point the finger of responsibility outward, relate to others in the world as “invaders” and “enemies.”  (Activist politician in Arizona speaking on immigration and citizenship.) We are so very afraid!

Today, I’m ashamed of my country.