Filmapalooza Happy Hour and Screening we had the City Producers’ luncheon, the Filmmakers and Producers’ happy hour, and the first two screening groups (of four) for the city winners in the 48 Hour Film Project.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned it here before, but I’m the City Producer for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project, and my city winner was screened in the first group.  They were great.

sanjose48hfp2009 I had a couple of drinks at the happy hour and wasn’t entirely on top of my game for the introductions to the first couple of screening groups.  I sailed in, and it was my first volunteer shift for Cinequest, so I wasn’t fully briefed, and hadn’t worked in the Cinequest world yet this season, so I was a little jangled.

On top of this, I had lunch with Nancy earlier this day, and I was expecting her to show up at the theater while I was working, so I had some of my attention on accomodating her.  The lunch and the visit to watch the movies was extraordinary.  I love being with Nancy, she’s so peaceful and loving.  It is soothing to me to have her for my friend.

During one of the breaks, when my friends from 48HFP were chatting with me and my local friends, someone asked Nancy how she got involved in the 48HFP, and she just said, “It’s just that I’m Vincent’s friend.”  My 48HFP friend smiled and said, “that’s a good thing to be.”  I was completely acknowledged in this moment.


A trip to Detroit

…on this date, I flew from San Jose to Detroit.  I flew through Chicago and something wonderful happened.  I burst onto the plane with a joyous declaration, something like, "Permission to come aboard!  I love this ramp, it always makes me feel like I’m going on a cruise."  The flight attendant I met there said something like, "wow, you’re the friendliest person I’ve ever met." 

We talked a bit on the flight, and we exchanged contact information and now we’ll meet again in Chicago for a trip to Wrigley Field and a Cubs’ game.

Now I’ve never given my card to a flight attendant.  Their lives are fraught with overbearing testosterone dumps with big smiles, loud voices, and eyesight too poor to notice a wedding ring — hitting on them all the time.  Even if I think someone is being friendly and would like to get to know me better, I simply presume that it’s not in the cards.  Mostly I think that even if they are genuinely interested in speaking again, the chances of them actually initiating the call are pretty slim. (Hell, I’m reluctant to initiate a call to someone I barely know, or don’t know, even when I’ve been invited, and possibly even introduced once.)

The point I’m making is that it didn’t seem like a big deal to me that I would give her my card.  It was just another friendly conversation punctuated by an invitation to continue the talk; an invitation that would never be honored in the end.  Further, this was one of those pure intentions.  Like it wasn’t that I said, "Wow, what a hottie.  Wonder if we’re laying over in the same hotel bar?"  It was more like, "Wow, I hope that nice lady comes back to talk to me.  If she doesn’t do it soon, I’m going up there."  And there’s nothing left for me to wonder about or wish for.  We’ll meet again.  We’ll talk again.  And neither of us knows what will happen.

Sometimes a moment comes along and it looks like many of the other moments that have come before it.  But this moment changes everything.  It brings something into being that cannot be erased .  In this case, that may be friendship.  Certainly there was a joy and promise on that flight — something that Kathryn Re and I undeniably created.  I can’t wait to see what else our partnership will create.

It was a good trip.


Travel to Salt Lake City

…on this date I flew to Salt Lake City to deliver training.  I stayed in the Embassy Suites and it was a fabulous stay.  I got a lot of work done, the place was beautiful (snow on the streets, a beautiful snowstorm on the last day) and while I was there I not only delivered training, but I also coached the Landmark Communication: Access to Power course.  (That course, the one we call “the love course” has participants work with a coach for a week on communication practices in their lives.  Amazing stuff!)

Before I left Salt Lake City, I did the requisite “Craig’s List shopping” to get the van I now drive.  More on that in another entry.  What fun life has become!




…in more mundane news.

The world of the Thriving Artists Western got really hot this week when one of the players showed up with an offer of a ranch in Montana where we can shoot some of it. We have four musicians provisionally interested in being onboard, maybe five. We framed in a lot more of the story this week, and I heard some of the music from Glenn that I want to get up behind the thing. This one is cookin’

The 48 Hour Film Project people are coming to town next week, and I get to “host” the party. I’ve set up the Happy Hour location, and I think I may rig up the producers’ luncheon as well. No matter what, it will be a fun way to kick off Cinequest. My goals for participating in both organizations are being fulfilled well beyond my expectation. This stuff is good fun!

Schoolhouse Earth is jumping off the pad as well with workshops coming up this spring and summer, the first ever road-tour taking place in the summer, and our campaign to create “Hitting Stops Here” will splash big at the beginning of next school year.

We are getting a new world, and many places now, it’s because I say so. I’m proud of that. And I must go do some more of it now…


Can we just grow up?

…it’s the question ringing in my mind this morning. More than a question, it’s becoming a demand. Here’s an example of “it’s about time we grow up!”

Barak Obama says that he doesn’t necessarily have any pre-conditions for talking with North Korea or Iraq. He’s branded naive. How about another interpretation? How about we’re going to act like a grown-up nation instead of a bully.

See, grown-ups don’t respond to bullies by smacking them down. I know that some adults do, and many of dearly would love to. But “grown-ups” as I distinguish it, do not smack down on a bully. That’s what’s behind our whole “Hitting Stops Here” campaign.

We are committed to teach children that anything can be solved by reason, thought, consideration of others, and unwillingness to accept anything less than a SOLUTION THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE!

Is this gonna be another rant?

A new day…

…last night thousands of people flocked to polling sites in Anchorage Alaska and elsewhere in the state. They went out in temperatures below -20F to voice their choice in a conversation for our nation’s leadership.

People are out in the freezing cold to say, “We have had enough! We are taking back the reins.”

I’m saying that. I have had enough. I am standing for the country I was raised in. A country where cheating to get ahead isn’t good enough. Taking shortcuts, even when we say that it’s for a good reason, isn’t good enough. I am standing for a society that demonstrates compassion and cares for the most challenged among us simply as a matter of our own grace. I stand for leadership that does business with hands fully above the table. I stand for a nation that doesn’t lean on technicalities or trickery to prevail. I stand for a society in which your heritage and your means are of little consequence, but your passion, talent, and willingness to take responsibility are paramount.

We will choose whatever leaders we choose in the coming year. But I now know what to ask for. I know what I insist upon having in the centers of society leadership. And I know that I am not alone.