In Love Again

…Ashley won’t call me back so that I can check this fact, so I’m going to wing it.

I think it was Noel Coward who said, “I usually fall in love twice each day before lunchtime. But it’s always with the milkman.”

My variation is, “I usually fall in love twice each day before lunchtime. But it’s always with the large armed woman who comes to bring my meds, and tighten my straps.”

Well, I do fall in love a lot, and here’s one place I did that you will fall too:

…this is a hard working lady, and a talented one. Buy her music. Go see her show when she visits your town. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll call to thank me. I promise.


How do you get it out?

…I saw a device yesterday that tickled me. It was a pair of shears designed to help you get difficult blister packaging off of products. It was in blister packaging of its own!

I’m about to step out and go to Chicago. This is the second visit I’ve made this month. The difference is that this time I’m ready. While I’m watching my phone go through a firmware update, I’m burning the precious buffer zone moments between me and being late for my flight. But I still have some room to breathe.

I got so much done last week that now I feel like I can really power hard into the coming year. And there are big plans for the year. Make a western, complete two episodes of Jafar, complete “War Crimes” and the first episode of Sign People. Also begin presentation of several key Schoolhouse Earth workshops, contract training for a couple of good clients, produce the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project, and co-produce the first Schoolhouse Earth teaching and music tour.

Big, big year.

But this time I’m going to write about it as I go. So there are several good backdated entries new in the journal, and I’m committed to adding real time entries as well (‘specially cause those are the only ones that show up in the syndicated stream).

Now that I’ve cleared the decks from last year’s most critical backlog paperwork, I’m free to create big things for this year! Let’s get with it! 🙂


Return to Bay Area

…on this date, I returned from Chicago to the Bay Area. I left at a decent hour in the morning and arrived mid-afternoon to beautiful weather. After handling a little correspondence and getting my dog back from the kennel, I was able to get in for an early night’s rest.

No incidents during the flight, but I did finish transcribing the script for How Far Jafar: How Fast into an electronic format so that I can share it with the writing team. More on that later.


Travel to the midwest

…on this date, I travelled to Chicago to teach for one of my clients. I left SJC a little bit after lunchtime, and arrived in Chicago for a late dinnertime. The travel was pleasant and uneventful. I was able to get checked in and have a nice dinner before retiring early to get a good night’s rest. Doesn’t always go that way, but it is a pleasure when it does.