Returning home

…on this date, I travelled back from Dallas to San Jose. On this leg, I had a flight that stopped over in Orange County airport. I like that airport a lot, I am not sure why. Perhaps it’s the hubris that has a funky little airport hold itself like something very special.

Jenn Grinels at The Shoot

That restaurant that occupies the center of the terminal charges prices like it’s in a chic part of downtown LA.

I got good food on the OC layover (that’s John Wayne Orange County airport to you…), and had a great talk with a friend (Jenn Grinels) who was scheduled to do a show that night, soon after I returned from my trip.

Jenn’s show was off the charts, just as I expected. I got to see the first half of it with Nancy, and although she left about midway through the show, I got to see the second half with Jessica. It was a wonderful tag-team experience — and the concert was amazing! Jen was great, Nancy and Jessica both fell in love with her, and it was a great opportunity for me to put several of my friends in touch with one another.

Jessica, Richard, and I all went to The Bank after the show and had a little fun there. It was pretty funny to see what Friday night in Saratoga looks like.

Great Day!



Trip to Dallas

…on this day, I travelled from San Jose to Dallas. The trip was pleasant and uneventful. It’s nice to get that direct flight with no stops. And when I arrive, I’m at the right spot for my class.

My recollection of this trip is that I arrived at a decent hour and was able to have dinner and rest before having to teach. I love this destination, and hope to make another trip in the 1st quarter of 2008.

Rick, my bartender is also my waiter on this gig. He works almost every night at the Chili’s next to my hotel, I get to dine and relax with only a short walk back to my room. Rick seems to remember me, as he remembers everyone who comes in regularly. He’s a great guy.

This is a great trip.


What Do You Have To Say? – Winters in my Childhood

…the winter came on cold and clear around Thanksgiving. It would be gray, but not too much cold rain, and never any snow. Then between Thanksgiving and Easter we would have snow about once every two years. There would be freezing rain and sleet a few times every year.

I loved the way some people would run a water hose up to the top of their trees, and have it spill out over the tree on a freezing night. By the morning the entire tree would become a sculpted icicle.