You are the one…

…I delivered my “You are the leader…” speech again today. It was politely received, and at least two people came up afterward and commended me on the speech. I don’t know if I’ve posted the content of the speech, so if I learn that I have not yet done so, I’ll bring it here as soon as I know.


It’s not just me…

…but I just saw an interview with BF Skinner where he also spoke of the promise of children raised without punshment as a motif for their lives.

Funny thing, he spoke of it as a distant mythical town in Mexico or something. A fable from far away and from the dim past.

I see it as a promise that lights the way to a future. That’s what the “Hitting Stops Here!” campaign is all about. Wait ’til you see what we create.


It’s Finally Going to Happen

…it’s finally happened. Blackwater is the way that we’re going to catch and neutralize the good old boys, business as usual way of dealing with other people in the world. State Dept. is rushing to outflank congress to reign in Blackwater and they are creating a context by which we can hold them accountable and also have evidence of further wrongdoing.

Is this another one of your crackpot dreams, Vincent?