More backdated life

…I converted a number of old travel receipts, random Toastmasters’ certificates of acknowledgement, and the remains of my memory into a series of backdated journal entries. I won’t detail them here in this entry, simply acknowledge that they exist.

What’s starting to happen is that as I document the various scraps of paper around my office into entries, I can discard them. My office is getting cleaner! And my journal is starting to be fleshed out.

The pattern is still irregular, but what this allows me to do is take days when I have some writing time (such as when I rise early and don’t have my calendar packed) and put in recollections that make the flow of my journal more regular.

I still have some entries from just prior to the year 2000 that are poised to be included here, but I’ve run out of time by far to work on the journal today. I’m satisfied with the progress though. I didn’t need those travel receipts and that stack of certificates around my office.