Amy at the E3 Playhouse

…on this night, we saw Amy play a concert at the E3 Playhouse with her band.

This was about the last time she had a big show there — the place closed down about a year later.

What I remember about it is that the place was very dark in the front, a sort of black place with a band standing out in the lights — especially if they were wearing bright colors.

The venue was a little less than ideal because people felt completely comfortable standing around in the back visiting and talking instead of being in the experience of the concert. With the style of music that Amy plays, this mostly meant that she was flinging her music outward into a great empty space.

A few of us would hunker down toward the front and listen attentively.

This show as filmed by a UCSC student named Rex, but the sound didn’t work out, so the footage was discarded.

It was a good show though — Amy had just released her second album and some of the music from that was very fresh and attractive. It’s interesting to see how the songs from that album have matured by now (June 2010) and how her music itself has changed.

The telltale signs

…you can always tell when I have severely overdue expense reports and unfinished return phone calls to make.  That’s when a lot more journal entries appear for me.  The truth is that I always consider things that may be interesting to add to my journal.  Like each and every day I have thoughts that I accumulate as potential material for my writings here.  But I don’t always actually sit down and write.

There are a couple of good reasons though, for me to pause right now and pen this entry.
And what might those reasons be, Vincent?