A Night of Music

…part of my work as a filmmaker is being in touch with the local arts scene.  If I can discover a great musician, artist or performer, I can embellish a film I’m making with the jewel of their performance, and I can expose them to a wider audience, hungry for new and talented performances.

So I’m a regular at the Thursday night Open Mic night in Saratoga at the Blue Rock Shoot.

So what’s the bad news Vincent?

A recent guest

…I’ve been blessed in the past many days with a houseguest who’s captured my heart.

Her name is Kristi and she’s a 7-year old Papillon who’s lost her home.

Well, say more about her Vincent…

It’s just this.  She’s a small, frightened soul.  She just wants a safe and peaceful home where she can have nice meals, go on fun walks, and keep a mature person company.  She’s a little jumpy to be around children, or people who are afraid of dogs.  But she’s perfect for someone who knows dogs and wants to have a faithful small companion.

Oh, did I mention that she’s adorable?  Oh, perhaps some evidence?  Well, okay.

Is that not evidence enough?

Perhaps another photo would convince you.  It turns out that miss Kristi does occasionally pause from her busy life to accomodate a young photographer bent on establishing his career with a beautiful closeup of the great lady.  Signed prints of this next one are available at http://www.kristifanclub.org for a token fee.

Okay, just kidding about that.  But this next part is true.

Ready for my closeup You can see this at full size right now.

Or you can actually sign up to be considered as an adopting (or fostering) home for this young lady.  I’d love to tell you how to do that.

You can visit the Papillon Club of America Rescue home page.  There you can read the guidelines and recommendations for adoption and then grab a copy of the adoption application to fill out.

Even if Kristi is not right for you, it is possible that you can make a difference for dogs somewhere by adopting or fostering a dog.  It’s a great way to show your appreciation of these companions that enrich our lives.  I’m enriched by the dogs in my life.  In fact, I’m enriched right this moment because they demand that I take them out to enjoy the neighborhood.  And that’s a good thing!


Travel Home

…on this date, I see that I flew on United Flight #219 from Washington Dulles to San Francisco airport.

On the trip I got to see Mark Denisar and Sheriann. I also finalized negotiations to become the Local Producer for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. I also invested some time preparing for the upcoming Landmark CAP course. I was, at this time, accountable for that course and for the center game around the curriculum.


Travel Notes: Boulder

…trip to Boulder was uneventful. I flew to LA and wrote a little bit on the way. Ran to the connection and slept about halfway to Denver. Rental car arrangements were a snap and I drove away with a nice burgundy Jeep Cherokee. The prairie sky was incredible at dusk and my hotel was exactly where I had hoped for it to be. I had a great view all week of the Flatirons.

Maybe more detail than you wanted…