New (and old) online hooks

…I now treat the internet as a place to hang my stuff. I put public notes that I want to share with everyone at my jotspot wiki. I put things that I want to limit to friends in a password-protected community. I put things I want to broadcast to certain friends on Tribe or Google (with Google calendar, spreadsheets, and Google docs). And I put the contents of my thoughts in entries here. It’s a crazy life, but I love it.

What I find is that I don’t trust one individual computer any more. I think some people still relate to the machine in front of them like it’s significant. But some of the early visionaries of the digital age saw that the computer could become something as insignificant as a telephone handset. And now it has become so.

Last note here (and it’s why the wiki thing was on my mind) is that I just discovered Inkscape, and I’ll write further about it on my wiki. (where I’ll continue then to talk about GoodSoftware.)


An Impromptu Speech

…yesterday I gave an impromptu speech at Sun Santa Clara Toastmasters. Now a close friend of mine said, “this is how you always do speeches anyway,” and she was right. I often put off the job of writing a speech until just before the event. It’s interesting that she’s not the only one who knows that.

So, how did it go Vincent?

The Flowers are Back!

…I made some journal entries in May that were designed to embed photos drawn from another website. The idea was that I could use my own server to host the photos, and then simply refer to them from here.

At first, it was simply an experiment to see if I could have it work reliably. And at first, it didn’t.

I’ve moved the photos onto another server and opened the gates so that they can appear. So if you want to take another look at this page ( and this page (, the pages are much more presentable and work for everyone.


You just never know…

…you think you know, but you really never do. You NEVER really know.

I thought I knew why I was here. In fact, I created a purpose and charter for my life. (I think it’s recreated here in my journal somewhere … otherwise, I’ll backdate it in later on.)

I thought I knew why I was inviting people to Malaina’s party last Feb. I thought I knew why I was made to be a filmmaker and storyteller. But I didn’t know.

Do you think you do now Vincent?