Life in baseball, communication, and in the short grass

…it seems that there’s a ton of stuff to write, and nothing at all to write.

Do you ever feel like that? For me, there have been a number of things to write about lately, and in each case, I can see that describing those things doesn’t do them justice.

I find that I have a bit of time just now to write, and I have decided that the things I might say could be a creation that has a life of its own. So I write. So we see Vincent…

A Night with Ani

…went with Amy, Michelle, and Andy to see Ani DiFranco on this night.

It was my first time to go to Mountain Winery in Saratoga, and it was a lovely evening with great weather. Can’t beat it.

I’ve not been a huge Ani DiFranco fan in my time. I like her music well enough but I never steeped in it. But the show was great, and the special thing about it was that she’s having a baby. (By now, 2010, the baby must be 3 yrs old.) So she sort of shared with us, the experience of carrying her first child.

When it was over, I had them drop me back in Saratoga, near the Blue Rock Shoot. I headed home with a bit of a glow from having enjoyed the evening with my friends in a lovely setting with great music.

A visit to Atlanta

…I’m here in Atlanta to teach a class this week. The course is being taught at the GA Tech Hotel and Conference Center, but unfortunately all of the rooms are booked and I had to find a hotel elsewhere.

That’s actually not bad because I got to stay at the historic Georgian Terrace hotel. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Atlanta and immedately across from the Fox Theatre. Continue reading “A visit to Atlanta”