A Visit to Beantown

…on this date, I returned from a training trip to Boston.

I stayed at a crummy little hotel that had once been the YWCA (in fact, a part of the building still was) and they’d converted the little rooms into hotel rooms by putting a bathroom/shower kit in the rooms, and training the staff (sort of) to handle hotel guests.

I remember that I had a small class group (3 students) and we had an easygoing wide-ranging discussion in the training room.  At first it had seemed that we’d have plenty of time because there were only a few of us, but in the end I fielded a lot more questions and allowed the conversation to range more freely off the beaten path.  That meant that on the final day, we just barely got to the endpoint and had everyone get certified by having completed all of the course work.

One of my students was Bob Karmody from Heinz Corporation and he joined me for dinner every night we were in town.  We found a nice brew pub and shared dinner, beers, and conversation freely through the evenings.  On the last night he was in town (my birthday, it turns out) we went over to the bar that was the inspiration for Cheers.

It’s called “Cheers” now, but the locals remember it by another name.  (One which on the other hand, I do not recall any longer.)  We had a couple of drinks there and our conversation roamed even further into the personal as I learned much about how Bob’s college days went, and how he loves his home town even now.

The training tour was great, but the hotel was less than optimal and I swore I was going to have the manager comp me a future stay.  I never made the complaint though.  I seldom do, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort anymore.  If I could recall the name of the hotel (something like the 509 Hotel, its name is taken from its street address), I would list it here so that others could avoid it.

I’m sure I’ll be able to omit it from my own future adventures.  On the other hand, the next time a client wants me to stay in downtown Boston, I’ll be happy to do so.  It’s a great place to be.