Returning Home

…Flew from Seattle back to the San Jose airport. I had been in the Seattle/Tacoma area to help Tawn move her household from Kent to Chehalis. I got to meet her mom and her daughters (Kyle and Chelsea).

Tawn and her mom gave me a book to read (The Disappearance of the Universe). I have yet to read that book completely (as of 7/2/07) but I will.


A Trip to Baltimore

…I travelled this day to Baltimore to teach for a client. The trip was a pleasant one. I enjoyed the memories of having gone to a Worldcon there many years prior (and it turns out that I stayed in exactly the same hotel during this visit).

The training gig went well, I had a room that overlooked Camden Yards (but alas the Orioles were on the road that week), and I had a couple of interesting evenings of carousing with my students.

Before leaving, I sat in the bar a couple of evenings and did my work using the weak wireless connection while I had my dinner and a couple of drinks and on the last night I met an unstoppably gregarious young man who flies for a small regional airline.

The trip was tinged with the anticipation of an upcoming trip (over the Memorial Day weekend) to visit a friend and explore what would be possible in our friendship. It was a great trip.


Acknowledgement, Neighborhood, and Community

…so last weekend I began a program called the Team Management and Leadership program.

It’s design is to train and develop me in the area of forming, leading, and participating in effective teams. (In particular, there is a chance for me to create leadership when I am not necessarily “the leader.”) What’s showed up for me already (this is the first week of my program, it lasts a year…) is that I do have and participate in teams all around me and every day — I’m just not very good at it.

What does that look like Vincent?

Life in the booth

…I belong to a writers’ group called WORD!

One of the things we do occasionally when we gather is engage in a writing exercise that has us improvise. We set up an exercise and then take about 20 minutes to write something and we all read what we created. (This exercise tops out at about 8 people. More than that is cumbersome.)

The setup for this last exercise was that everyone created a character, a circumstance, and a setting. We then distributed those randomly among the exercise participants, and each person takes 20 minutes to write a piece that encompasses each of the elements. It’s great fun.

Here’s what I wrote this time…