How many victories

…I talk about baseball all the time. (In fact, as soon as my wiki data becomes available again, I’ll post up my rant about baseball and life, but for now…)

I always say that if you don’t love baseball, you don’t really get it completely. Baseball is actually several games in one. There’s the game of the moment — the battle between the pitcher and the batter. There’s the game of the day — when should you pull out your starting pitcher and how will you use your bullpen? There’s the game of the week — who will you rest today, how much of your bullpen should you save for the next day or the next series? And there’s the game of the year — who will you trade, how much will you spend on expensive free agents and trades?

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Back in the Valley

…I love Chicago. It’s a great town and it was a wonderful week to be there. I got to eat at Carlucci’s ( at the invitation of my client. I got to have some wonderful conversations with my students both in and out of the classroom. And I discovered a great spot called the Rosemont Ram. A brew pub — and their seasonal this time was “Frosty’s Demise” which was almost as dense and as sweet as a brandy. (Dare I acknowledge that it was 8.9% alcohol?) It was a very nice experience.

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That Toddlin’ Town

…I’m in Chicago this morning and it’s been quite a ride getting here.

Travel was largely uneventful although I did miss my flight check-in window by about 5 minutes and the very helpful people at United Airlines refused to check my baggage in but rather put me on another flight that got me to my hotel about 2am. That did give me a chance to catch up on some of my work while I was at the airport. That part was good.

What else happened, Vincent?

A Home Run Day

…I spoke today at Sun Microsystems for the Toastmasters group there. The idea was to speak to a crowd that would come to hear Sun VP Linda Park speak about the Sun vision. Then I would speak about Toastmasters, Communication and Leadership, and about Education. I got to do all of that, and I’ll publish the substance of the speech here a little later. The speech was a big hit. People responded well to it, and they stayed afterward and networked with one another, much as I had hoped they would.

I invited about 12 people to come and had about 6-8. There were probably about 45 in the audience and that’s a tremendous breakthrough for a Toastmasters club of this size.

Avis and I spent the evening then at that ASTD Silicon Valley chapter meeting to network a little and attend the talk. I heard a number of things I liked there, and had a couple of idea for things that might hold up as innovative in the realm of workforce training. I’ll write more about that here if the ideas persist.

For now, time to craft the next speech, and the next speaking opportunity.


Start of a new round…

…okay, I’m off on a new chapter. I can really feel that today is a threshhold for me. A delicious and restful weekend is at an end. I’ve stirred up enough fires that I must have no choice but to step into a busy, thrilling, gigantic future. Oh boy, I need some ginseng!

Okay, I have a stomach satisfying lunch inside of me (Le Boulanger Club Sandwich and Cream of Tomato soup) and I’m ready to stir up a few new fires. It’s a little different for me from how I was this morning. I am staying with ~K at one of her clients’ house, and there were no coffee filters in evidence this morning. So I arose to the morning bliss of an idyllic Palo Alto garden in the early springtime, but there was no jolt of caffeine to put me in action. I’m correcting that now with my bakery’s bottomless cup of coffee and free broadband connection.

Apollo had a series of great adventures that involved hikes in the park, meeting other dogs, getting to play and hike in the rain, and watching strangers in the parking lot at the concert. He’s livin’ the dog’s life.

So I’m off to create newly. Buzz Burning Man (our scheme to make a movie in the desert) is going strong, Sign People is still in production, Schoolhouse Earth is about to embark on its maiden voyage, and the Lucky Dog Ranch is about to come back with a vengeance. Lately I’ve been overcome frequently by the beauty of life around me. I’m havin’ a blast.

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