Being a Toastmaster

…I signed myself up to be the Toastmaster for this evening. Tonight is the Area F5 International and Table Topics Speech Contest. My goal was to create a tradition of having well moderated events in Area F5.

How did you do at that Vincent?


Dust from the Past

…I’m looking frantically for my expired passport. It’s going to be necessary so that I can get things squared away for the trip to Kuwait. I have to have that passport!

So it means going through all of my records and trying to make some sense from this mountain of paper.

What’s happened though, is that I have uncovered more than a dozen fragments of paper that were worth me making a backdated entry in this journal. In fact, as I go through more of my records, I think I’ll continue to document what I find in this journal. That will allow me to scrape this whole thing later and create a sort of memoir.

I entered too many historical entries today to link all of them here. But this entry marks a new turn for me in my relationship with Live Journal. This was too fun today, and I think I’ll have to do it again soon.


Silent but not unseen

…yes, I’ve been a nuisance in other worlds over the past twelve weeks and some of that is really coming to look like big stuff for me. I’ll talk more about it as things start to come to a head now.

Right now though, an acknowledgement of some backdated posts, and a cross-post from something I put in at The Tribe. I don’t generally cross-post directly, but rather excerpt and drive readers to the original post. But I really am committed to the message in this insight I’ve just discovered. So I want to put it everywhere.

What message is that, Vincent?

Oh Atlanta

…duty calls and I have to go to Atlanta to teach. I’m worried because I don’t have my typical travel resources (like plastic and rental car reservation). I’m going straight there, teaching the gig, and then coming straight back.

The flight on the way there is through Chicago, and my return trip on Friday is through Dallas. I am out to have this be an uneventful trip.


Amy Obenski’s CD Release

…In Santa Cruz at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Amy Obenski performed in a concert to celebrate the release of her second album “Kite.” We attended (we being K and I,) and took tickets at the door. It was a grey day in Santa Clara, but dry and a little cool. Spring seemed nearby.

We drove over the pass in the late afternoon and had a pleasant trip. We parked and got to the venue with about 90 minutes before the doors were scheduled to open. Everything looked great.

Halfway through the (fabulous) show, the skies opened up and started to dump ice on us. It struck the roof in a way that you can probably hear on the recording. Thunder came in almost on cue during “Lady of Tomorrow” and it was as if Mother Nature had decided to add percussion to the performance.

On the walk back to our car, we saw Santa Cruz drivers creeping along at about 10mph; evidence that they’d seldom if ever driven on ice before. After about a block of ambling hunched over against the driving hail, I came back to myself and straightened up, shook a fist at the sky and shouted “is that the best you can do? You call this a storm?”

I was answered with a loud crack of thunder and a blinding flash of lightning. (Ask K, she’ll testify that this is true.) I decided to shut up after that and look or my car keys.

The show was fabulous and we arrived home that night completely spent. This is what it looks like when life is grand!


Submitted “Day of the Dog” for sale

…I didn’t share this immediately with folks partly because I was ashamed of having taken so long to fulfill on my promise. I have been promising for months that I’d send my first story “Day of the Dog” to the publisher “any day now.” I actually put a copy in the mail on Friday (2/24) and it should be there by now.

The game I’m playing is to sell three stories before the onset of the World Science Fiction convention in LA this summer. If I’ve sold three stories by then, I can join SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) and will be able to attend as a dignitary as well as one of the crazy wackos who love to dress up funny and daydream about science fiction.

The gauntlet has been flung. I’m preparing for dawn and a date with my destiny. (And if that’s a tad dramatic — well hell it’s my job!)


Landmark Effectiveness Seminar

…I began the Landmark Education Effectiveness Seminar.

We’re going to declare a project for ourselves, and then use technology that Landmark developed for its corporate customers to have that project be powerfully completed in our lives.

Some people are using the project to transform their homes (that’s what I’ll be up to in fact) and some are using it to start their business or build a new home.

I can already see that this will make a big difference for me in my life.