So easy to please

…I love girlfriends who bring me bread.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Simple reporting

…I haven’t created a journal entry lately because I’ve been using my writing time elsewhere, and because I’ve been out in the world where I create things by talking more than I do by writing. (I do both of them effectively, just sometimes there’s more talking, and sometimes there’s more writing. Mostly it’s the same voice.)

In the time since I created an entry here in earnest, I’ve: Continue reading “Simple reporting”

Unearthed on the desk

…no, there’s not really earth on my desk, although I’m hard pressed to prove it.

My desk is instead covered by various piles of papers that either have something scribbled by me on them, or that have been removed from envelopes that appeared in my mail and contained something mildly interesting and worth saving.

Today, I found this. I remember writing it, but cannot recreate completely, the frame of mind that had me write it:

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Sometimes, it’s just about the music

…sometimes the only reason I open up a journal entry is to acknowledge the beautiful music that graces my life. Right now I’m steeping in Alison Krauss, but that’s only a peek at the beauty that surrounds me. Sometimes it’s the honey-sweet arrangements, melodies, and harmonies like these.

Sometimes its the velvet of a voice like Dinah Washington or Diana Krall. Sometimes it’s the bell ring of a soloist sounding out in the quiet after a lush chorale crescendo. Or the wail of a virtuoso rock guitar solo, the bite of a harmonica fill in a blues standard.

It’s always something. If you are one of those who make it, thank you for the music. If you are one of those who loves and supports a musical artist, thank you for your gift. If you are one who has not yet tasted the joy of pure musical expression, I invite you to take a bite right away. Find some music you love and then love it.


The Right School

…so Apollo is a “cute little doggie” for some definitions of “cute” and “little.” (He’s smiling that someone called him that, though. He seems to like it.)

It reminds me of a friend who’d never seen him before and her suggestion. There were four or five of us on a road trip and we’d settled in to our hotel room. We were talking about how tough it was for Apollo to sleep out in the car, and she pointed at a picnic basket that we had in the room. “Why don’t you just put him in that and sneak him into the room?”

Here’s why THAT wouldn’t work.

Thirsty Dog is Betrayed Mightily

…we returned from a “bonus walk.” That’s what we call it when we do our regular walk around the neighborhood and then create another turn that goes by many of the houses again. It’s when we’re on the way home and then decide, “not done yet.” You know that moment. It’s wonderful on an evening walk under a delicious autumn sky — it’s heavenly bliss in lovemaking.

This time it was a dog walk though.

What happened next?