Sometimes, it’s just about the music

…sometimes the only reason I open up a journal entry is to acknowledge the beautiful music that graces my life. Right now I’m steeping in Alison Krauss, but that’s only a peek at the beauty that surrounds me. Sometimes it’s the honey-sweet arrangements, melodies, and harmonies like these. Sometimes its the velvet of a voiceContinue reading “Sometimes, it’s just about the music”

Thirsty Dog is Betrayed Mightily

…we returned from a “bonus walk.” That’s what we call it when we do our regular walk around the neighborhood and then create another turn that goes by many of the houses again. It’s when we’re on the way home and then decide, “not done yet.” You know that moment. It’s wonderful on an eveningContinue reading “Thirsty Dog is Betrayed Mightily”