It’s scary out there…

…it’s scary out there for sure.

First this.

It’s only when you give up the illusion of control that you have space to actually get that you are responsible and completely in control. It just doesn’t work the way you thought.

So Apollo and I went out to trick-or-treat a little.

what happened with that?

A Seasonal Contemplation

Hell is a country which has no autumn.

Nowhere there may a man and dog walk in the bite of morning air that paints exhaled breath and gives the color of a rose to tingling ears. No one there tastes the aroma of night air seasoned with wood smoke.

Wretches in this land never bask in the sybaritic glory of leaves swirled together in orgies of color drawn from the very soul of the earth.

Seasons of summer and spring may speak of life and birth, but autumn gives us richness and wisdom. To be denied its flaming glory delivered on the edge of a frosty knife, would indeed be a damnation too aching to endure.

1994 – Royal Oak Michigan

Safe for franks

…tell me it’s not so! I have just seen a promo for a table saw that will stop dead if it detects a low-sodium turkey dog.

Just be with that for a minute.

Did I say that right?

It will stop “within 1 toothmark of sensing human flesh or low sodium turkey dogs.”

That’s in the literature! (

I just have this delightful image of the meeting one fateful Wednesday morning.

fade in slowly over dialog

The more you give…

…one thing I’ve seen happen a lot lately is that when you open up your heart and give, you actually create more of what it is you’re giving rather than depleting some fixed supply. It doesn’t work that way with money, but it does work that way with love. Give more love and somehow it’s like you get back more than you gave away. There’s other stuff that works this way too.

Like what for instance…