Nesting at the Lucky Dog Ranch

…so there were a lot of things to do here at the ranch. Apollo and I agreed that we’d walk early, while it was still cool. And we did. After a rewriting session (more on that anon), we grabbed our shoes at 7:30 and took a turn around the neighborhood. We always see something new these days (a house we never noticed, or one we haven’t passed yet since we lived here).

But the big surprise today was during the rewrite.

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I am creator…

…I told myself that I was being unfocused, and then to prove it to myself, I made a little poem about it. Then I didn’t resist the urge to sit down and record the thing. So I proved that I was indeed, being unfocused. Here’s the poem, along with a link to the final version of the thing. Continue reading “I am creator…”


…I’m not one to write or seek out poetry. Perhaps it was my pals in the Word! writers’ group that inspired me to create this:


I am by word, creator.
I say that I am candle, not a beam.

My light burns bright and hot
without the bond of focus,
its heat released to flee
into a vast expanse.

The ebb and flow of breeze and tallow
brings me forth or has me fade.
I say that I am these things.

I am by word, creator.
I live inside these words as that
which I have brought to be.

I am by word, creator.
I say that what I know may not so be.

I look within my new creation struck by ALL.
The vista brings me joy and so, despair.
For which, among these things will first to flee.

I am by word, creator.
I say that none shall leave and none shall fade.
Some show and paint design for eye and mind.
Some hide or lie unseen for peace and whole.

From this ALL before me now
I take with empty hand the fitting part
and craft a future bright and clear and true.
With heat and light where it is meant to be.

I am by word, creator, and it is so.

Weeding the Email

…every once in a while, I step away from my primary email account for long enough that the spam stacks up pretty high. Then I have to go through and weed pretty vigorously. To give you an example, I usually keep 40 or 50 messages in my inbox with the intention of dealing with the issues in them as soon as I can. When I step away for a week, I can get something like 30-35 messages from lists and groups, maybe 20 personal notes, and about 20-30 professional messages. Let’s do the math. At the high end of each of those ranges, I should expect to see about 175 messages when I return after a week. I had something more like 1300 yesterday when I began the day.

So this time, before just eliminating all the things I got without looking, I decided to see what I could add to my life by accepting the wonderful offers I’d been sent. Here’s what happened:

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