A communication course

On this date, I began the Landmark course entitled “Communication: Power to Create.” This class absolutely rocked the house. Not only did I feel myself on a high during the course, but I felt my participation in Landmark course grow measurably in terms of its effectiveness and intensity.

I registered for this course sometime in April I think, when I went to the evening session with a friend. It was clear to me, even from the work we did at the evening session that this course would be amazing. In fact, I started to experience the promise of the course (that your word will create things in the world around you) well before the first day of the course. That’s often how it happens with these sorts of training.

Landmark uses a methodology that has you begin getting the results of the course as soon as you register. I’ve seen it happen for me a number of times, and I’ve watched it work that way for others too.

If you haven’t ever taken the Landmark Forum, I invite you to check into it immediately. I’m clear that it’s the most powerful and effective training I’ve every personally participated in.



Day of the Dog

On Sunday (yesterday, June 12th) I invented the possibility of being creative, and by nightfall I had 13 handwritten pages of this story. It’s amazing! I’ve been teasing this story around for many years. In fact, several of my friends are familiar with the story because I’ve told them parts of it over time. But I only discovered the ending within the past few months, and now, “this story can be told!”

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Great Concert, New Friendship, and First Story

…had a great time at the La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. Saw my new friend Kate Isenberg play in a bill with Aundre the Wonderwoman, Lisa Geduldig, and the immensely entertaining band, Train Wreck.

I maintain a correspondence with Lisa, but alas we have not seen one another lately. Now that I’ve unearthed this information, I’ll seek out Train Wreck and these other performers as well.

So the concert featured comedy by Aundre the Wonderwoman. She’s a good solid comic with some great material. She looked good in this venue.

Kate Isenberg was fabulous and filled the place with heartfelt and authentic music as an expression of her soul.

I remember Lisa Geduldig’s set as funny and that she was a talented MC. She did a nice job of keeping the show on track and the energy up.

I can’t wait to see Train Wreck again. I’m looking for them right now.


BTW: Music listing below is from the date of writing this entry (3/28/06), not the entry date.