Served as TM for Area C1 Contest

…on this evening, I served as the Toastmaster of the Area C1 contest in partnership with Nichole Edraos who served as Chief Judge. It was a glorious night, the event went smoothly and I was acknowledged for grace and poise. We conducted what was easily the most polished contest that Division C had mustered for some time. I don’t know how it will go for them this spring, but the fall contest set a new level for excellence and I say that Nichole and I had a lot to do with it.

One noteworthy thing is that we’d created this as an “All Star Cast” night with me at TM, Nichole as CG, and Brian Williams as the test speaker for the evaluation contest. At the last minute, it seemed that Brian wouldn’t be able to attend. Nichole said, “Get him there,” and I wrote a note to Brian that caused it. I had to be tough with him, but it was that we’d banked a lot on his participation and at the 11th hour, there was no space to allow for a no-show.

Brian worked it out and was brilliant. I think it was a breakthrough for him and for me.