Landmark Living Passionately Seminar

…I began the Landmark “Living Passionately” seminar on this date. It was a brand new seminar, never offered before anywhere. The electricity that night as people came in for the first session was incredible. People were smiling, hugging, and happy. And we just went on from there to create a 12 week experience of living with the cruise control turned off.

I recall that during this time I found myself getting around a lot by using transit and rollerblades for the first time. I think this was the time that I took Aubrey to the ballpark for the first time. (We were playing the Red Sox there for the first time.) I believe that during this time frame Viky took the Landmark Forum after we worked a lot of stuff out.

It was a great time in my life although it didn’t seem so lucky while it was taking place.

I’m sure it made me stronger.