A junket to Madison

…I want to Madison WI to meet with Marc Loy and become part of the project that would eventually be called PiperDB. The momento that I have from ths trip is a matchbook from Fyfe’s Corner Bistro. Marc and I ate there one evening, and I visited alone on another evening to enjoy a smoke and a couple of drinks.

The project I joined kept me engaged for about 12 weeks and it gave me access to a Mac for the first time since OSX came into being. It was very good stuff.

At the bistro, on that night I visited alone, I remember that there was an absolutely gorgeous African American woman who was on staff. She finished her shift and came to sit in the bar for a little while. We’d talked when I dined there, and we talked a little while I was in the bar.

On the way out, I couldn’t resist a little bit of social impishness. I didn’t want the lady to think that I had any agenda, so I saved my intention to do this until I was headed out of the place. Then on my way out, I paused as I passed by her, returned her smile, and then told her what had been on my mind for a little while by then. “Your smile,” I told her, “is nearly enough to make me weep. Keep sharing that with the world.”

She blushed (I could tell) and thanked me. I beat a hasty retreat so that this would not occur as a simple pickup line. It seemed to me that that she really got the acknowledgement and that she went away that night very happy. It’s just how it seemed to me, but it sure looked like that.