Sitting a Mile High

…on this date I went to Coors Field for the first time every to see a baseball game. It was the Colorado Rockies against the New York Mets. I attended the game with my friend from that area, Kathy Tanke. She was the education administrator for the courses I taught at the Broomfield Campus for Sun Microsystems.

Kathy showed me around the stadium, the Rockies went ahead of the Mets but fell behind and lost at the end. We had a couple of beers in the bucket-sized cups they use there (although the best you could get is Budweiser), and I learned that when your seat is just a little bit below the red line that marks one mile above sea level, the beer kicks in real well.

I liked the park although not as much as our own (and at this time, I worked at Pac Bell park, so I felt very possessive and proprietary).

It is one of my great memories of watching baseball on the road.