Registered in the Landmark Forum

…I find that I registered into the Landmark Forum on 3/21/03 and began it on the next day.

I had no idea what I was getting into. It was the rest of my life. Almost everyone who successfully completed the Landmark Forum can tell you the date, the time, and who invited them to register. (For me, you have the date and time, now I can say that the person who invited me is Tom Berry.)

Turning points occur all the time in our lives. This is one that I’ll never be over though.

One thing that happened to me during the weekend was that the course leader looked at someone else and said:

‘You think that not keeping your word PLUS a good excuse EQUALS keeping your word.’

I found myself in that assertion. Like over and over.

I created the possibility of being reliable that weekend, and now I have people all the time call me “the go-to guy” and the “most reliable person” they know. My life is significantly different today because of just that one moment.

But that’s not nearly all I got out of attending the Landmark Forum. It’s just an example of what’s possible.


Started work for the Giants

…on this date, I began working for the SF Giants. Initially it didn’t seem like a good idea to work for the team because I’d be working instead of seeing the games. But what I learned is that it’s a great way to be in the park a lot without having to spring for a season ticket.

The team had been in the world series the previous year (2002) and Susan was there because she was on staff. I joined up and became a Giant’s “team” member in the stands. In this year, the team was in first place from the first day of the season to the final day. It was a great year. And I had a lot of fun at the park.

I sort of established my own beat — arriving at the yard about 20-30 minutes before checkin time, and then making my rounds to greet the vendors and other regulars at the yard. I miss the community a lot.