Second Lucky Dog Ranch

…I find a record of our installation of AT&T Broadband on this date. I think that this was the cable modem for the second Lucky Dog Ranch, over near what is now The Rivermark center. At that time, there was no retail nearby, we had moved just outside delivery range for Via Mia pizza, and my cell phone with Sprint would not work within about a mile of my house. Everything got a lot better about the house as time went on, but the health of Lucky Dog Ranch itself suffered in some key ways after this.


In fact: A closer inspection of the invoice shows that it was for installation at 479 Collinwood Ct which was indeed the second Lucky Dog Ranch. As time permits, I’ll post some of the legendary stories from that era here.

Upon further reflection, here’s what I know.

Worldcon in San Jose happened at this time. We did not attend very much because we were consumed with having to move to the new house. Our original Lucky Dog Ranch in Santa Clara had been sold by the couple that owned it and we’d been required to move pretty quickly to the new place.

Bob came to visit us and to attend Worldcon, but Susan and I did not spend much time there, being consumed instead with the moving tasks.

Ashley was not speaking to me or to Susan at this time, but as time went on Ashley and I would become friends once more – especially as I helped her move a couple of times before she once more returned to New York.

Ashley and Susan began to talk again although never again as friends and sisters.