Attended Chicon 2000

…I have mixed memories of Chicon 2000 (also known as the 58th Worldcon).

I recall that we got there on Wednesday night. I remember that I’d just started working with Avis Beiden and Verity. I remember my new friend at the time (Arin Komins) and that I came to her shop at the University of Chicago to look at the installation of Verity that they had there.

I remember that we published the Roadkill Gazette that year and that we hosted a killer party. We supported the blood drive with a massive suite party, Ashley got us a set of rooms that were all adjacent and which centered around a big party area. I met Susan at this conference. My book was already out and Mike Faurot complimented me on how easy it had been to read and edit.

Paul and Darryl came to the con. Bob was able to come, but only for one night of parties (I think the dead dog).

It was the last Worldcon that I attended fully. We had other worldcon groups with Friends of Europa, but we never again amassed the intention and contribution that we pulled together so that everyone would have fun at this show.