Baseball at The Stick

…on this day, I attended a game against the Florida Marlins at the ballpark we called “The Stick.”

It was the final year for the ballpark and this was just about the end of the season. We had partial season tickets (they used to offer a 20-game package) and with Ashley, I began to be friends with some of the people in the vicinity of our seats.

One thing we were hoping for this year was that Shawn Estes would win 20 games. Alas it didn’t happen. The lefty came up one game short of winning 20 and I don’t think he ever approached that mark again in his career.

For that matter, no Giants pitcher has won 20 since then either. (At least until now — June 2010)

One thing I miss about that ballpark was the loooooong escalator ride to the top when we had seats in the upper deck. You could turn around and face backward — then the bay would unfold beneath you as you rose to the heights that held your place for the game.