A road trip

…I found some old backup data disks that remind me that we took a long road trip near this date. I’ll look more closely a little later to see if I can get more precise details.

My recollection of this trip is that I drove from Madison to San Jose with Mike Faurot and Sylvia. We had her car in tow.

This was the second big trip across country with a truckload of possessions. On this one, we had a truck (a Chevy Suburban we borrowed from Mark Denisar’s brother) and a trailer that we used to tow Sylvia’s Chevy behind. We had to stop briefly for repairs in Montana, we slept over in Salt Lake City, and we had quite the adventure coming down the slope from Lake Tahoe into the flatlands of California.

It was a grand adventure and I was glad to have it completed. Mike was still working for me in those days and we did a lot of good work to the house and its network when he was in California with me.

I will keep an eye out to see if I can find any pictures from that time to post here.