Random Pieces

…There are some notes in my voicemail that are begging to be transcribed, so here goes:

Write to my congressman — say something about looking forward to seeing the Senate demonstrate more decorum and more dignity than we’ve become accustomed to seeing in our congress. This would go a long way toward restoring my faith in the American system of government. I was apalled to hear one of the house members explain why they acknowledge the will of the people and yet will vote otherwise. We know that representatives are tasked with understanding the facts and acting on our behalf. In essence, this man was saying that they know what’s best for us, even though we don’t.

I was angry when I heard someone in the debate say “America, Wake up!” I am awake, damnit! I told you guys what I want in letters. I told you with telegrams, I told you in the opinion polls, I told you at the voting booth! What more does it take!

Another thing: The Pronunciation Page — names, use audio, commonly
mispronounced terms. where will we find the pronunciation experts,
where will we find the list of terms. More on this later…



…this is weird. I just remembered my dream. I was hosting a
meeting of some group that wanted to have a discussion of
multi-platform word processing. It was a MUG/TUG sort of group.
They wanted to have this discussion and I felt that there wasn’t
much to the issue, but it’s what they wanted, so I’d agreed to host

We started with an introduction to the topic and some
banter among folks who knew the topic and had opinions, and then
the real head of the group arrived, was surprised that we’d started
without him. I heard him say though, “Showtime is showtime…” and
then he left to do something (like get a snack.) It left me in a
muddle because, out of deference to him, I’d offered him the floor
to conduct group business before the discussion got started in earnest.
I don’t know what happened to the discussion, and I don’t know why
I remember this, but it is a strange sort of dream to have. (I think.)


(2007 update)
…it’s very likely that Ashley was away in New York at this time, because I recall that she would usually spend Christmas in The City with Richard and with her mother. That could account for the unusual timing of these entries, and the fact that I was working on Christmas day.


…thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. I often have them and they could easily be the basis for columns that demonstrate concepts.

For instance, I have a little spiel about the value of sports. I really believe that sports have a legitimate place in our culture more important than that of selling beer and trucks. I snuck that into my book.

I had a thought a little while ago that was begging to be written up, but by the time I got in here, it was gone. Oh well. I suppose, as Damon Knight says (in his book “On Writing Short Fiction”, that if an idea is durable, it will recur and eventually I won’t be able to get rid of it unless I write it up somewhere. But to facilitate this, a notebook.


A Journal Begun

…Ashley showed me how to set up a quick journal using Windows
Notepad. This will be an interesting thing to have on the menu.


…I’m posting this to my Live Journal along with the rest of the entries I find embedded in the file that got created that day.