Worldcon in Baltimore

This might have been the near pinnacle of our Worldcon participation.

This was the second year we published the Roadkill Gazette. It was also the year that we hosted a fake Worldcon Bid party, a gigantic one!

Because it was the bidding year for 2001, we gathered our forces to host the "Europa in 2001" bid. I had used my new Java programming skills to create an application that simulated a tourism bureau kiosk for Europa, Ashley provisioned the party lavishly with kegs of good beer and mountains of great food, and everyone in our circle stepped up to make this into a wonderful and gigantic celebration.

We rented a part of what was once the revolving restaurant at the top of our hotel.

Thea Glass was a part of our family at this point, so I must have met her for the first time at the Worldcon in San Antonio the prior year. Mike and Rhonda Sheffield, Joe Supple, Bob Ray, Ashley, Richard, Thea – they were all part of our Worldcon family at this point.  We called ourselves "Friends of Europa" and had established a Yahoo group to keep in touch. I think that we even had Paul Lechnar come with us for this weekend.

We would celebrate another great Worldcon in Chicago two years hence, but this might have been the very peak of our effectiveness as a group.