Worldcon in San Antonio

This Worldcon was a turning point for us (Ashley, Richard, and me) in a number of ways.

Just prior to this convention, Ashley and I spent some time with my Mom and Dad at their new favorite camping place. It was a campground that my Mom had taken to calling her "summer home."

At the con, we sat the first night and talked about how there was no con progress report being published, and we decided that we could do a better job ourselves of publishing one. This was the birth of the "Roadkill Gazette."  It was a fair amount of work, but we put out two editions during the con and it became a standard for about the next three years.

It was during this time that my fights with Ashley began to get pretty much out of hand, and at the end of this trip, Ashley decided to stop drinking, a decision she followed through with for several years. I still admire and respect that move.

I remember discovering a newfound respect for San Antonio and its culture during this weekend.  I had lived there many years before (maybe 1987-89) and had not been fond of the culture. But what I learned is that I'd confined myself mostly to living at the suburban edge of the city and had not really looked very hard for the cultural fabric of the city.