Living with Peter

…I find a check dated on this date written to Peter Lauda.

At this point, I had moved to a home with Peter Lauda just at the edge of Royal Oak, MI. (Bordering Clawson, MI.)

My official address at the time was 19785 W. Twelve Mile Rd, Southfield MI.

I had maintained that address since the time that I moved to Michigan to begin work for The Computer Classroom.

By this time, I had already lived in a Royal Oak apt by myself, and then moved into this house with Peter as I encouraged him to come to Michigan and take over my job. I believe that by this time, he had taken over the position in the Southfield office of TCCI, and I had begun to engage in an independent consultancy.

I find a check written to Richard Reis in June of this same year, so what I believe is that I had already broken away from TCCI, and my living situation with Peter was simply to maintain a residence in Michigan while I travelled back and forth across the country.