Move to California

…it was around this date that I took the steps to¬† begin living in California.

I continued to maintain my home in Michigan for a while after this. But at about this time, Ashley and I booked a temporary apartment for a few months prior to moving to the home we called The Park Place.

At that time, I was still using a physical Daytimer as my scheduling and calendar tool. The reason I recall this is the memory of having left it at the San Francisco airport when I first arrived. A very nice woman from United Airlines contacted me using the info at the front of the book and arranged to meet me and hand it back over. It was amazing commitment to service.

(In recollection, it might have been that I stayed in hotels until a bit later in the year, and then made the move to stay in CA permanently sometime closer to April. As I unravel the details, I’ll update this note.)