LAcon – A New Age

This was a big threshhold for me.

The Internet Age was set to begin and I could tell that it would be a very big deal.

For this con, I had come to Santa Cruz (from Detroit) to attend a conference at SCO. I was awarded an acknowledgement by SCO as Instructor of the Year due to the number of classroom hours I'd logged teaching Unix to their customers.

After the conference, I drove nearly non-stop to Tacoma and stayed with Bob and his family for a day before we headed out to go to Worldcon in LA.

This con was a bit more sober than in Glasgow, but there was still at least one party that lasted until 9 in the morning. I remember the amazing feeling of leaving that party in one of the hotel's towers to head back to my room and noticing that people were already finished with their breakfast and headed for the first session of the day. For me, sleep.

This is the con where I met Ashley for the first time.  We met in a couple of sessions and talked. At the final party (the Dead Dog party) we sat together and talked in a way that opened the door for us to stay in touch after the con was over.

This was also the con at which I spent some very special time with Rhonda Sheffield.

I could tell that a new world was about to open up.  During the subsequent year, I left my job at TCCI, moved to Santa Clara, began teaching nearly full time for Sun, and began a life that for the next few years had me count my home to be in several places.