…also known as the 54th Worldcon. It was actually held in Anaheim and I attended it with Bob Ray. We drove there from his home in Graham WA (near Tacoma for those of outside of Washington). We drove through the night to get there and we listened to a book on tape for probably the first time. It was a Roger Zelazny story and it was excellently read by Rene’ Auberjonois. We also listened to Melissa Etheridge and I was wholeheartedly in love with Sandy — having been afflicted with that for about two years by this point.

At the con, I got to meet with one of my idols, the very very attractive Melinda Snodgrass, author of several Wildcard stories, and one of my very favorite ST:TNG episodes from the early years. (Up The Long Ladder)

I was about to begin my own company and felt like a pioneer with a new land. The emergence of the Internet heralded many new opportunities in publishing such as just-in-time printing, and printing-on-demand for out of print titles.

I got to talk with Jeanne Robinson (Spider’s wife and co-author, and most delicious “Writer I’d Like to Befriend” (WILF).

This is the show where I met Ashley.

Bob and I attended parties on the third night until they finally ended at 11 (am).

Rhonda S. and I slipped away from the crowd (and her scary Hungarian stalker/suitor) and were interrupted by Bob who swears to this day that he did the right thing by barging in and throwing cold water on our little private party.

I spent the dead dog party at Ashley’s feet with her wondering (she later admiitted) why I wouldn’t move up just a little closer.

I drove back from the con to San Francisco where I was to turn in my rental car and head back for Detroit. My life had turned a corner that would launch me on a path that would both my career and family life for the next half-decade.