Star Wars Isn’t Dead

Last night we went to see “The Last Jedi.”

(Do not read below the fold until you’ve seen the movie, or if you don’t care about spoilers. This is not a review, it’s simply some of my reactions.)

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…for some reason on this day, I rose at about 4am and sat with my computer to catch up on games, and recreational reading. I worked at the dining room table for a couple of hours, savoring the quiet of the pre-dawn morning.

At about 6am, the household landline began to ring. (Yes, we still have a landline.) Thinking that it was a prank call, or some marketing nonsense, I simply picked up the phone and hung it up immediately. Right away, there was an urgent knock at the front door.

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Trip to Knoxville

…just a quick note to document that I had a chance to travel for business (and more) to Tennessee.

Kristen and I traveled on Oct 1 to Nashville and spent the evening visiting with songwriter Olivia West. We had a lovely evening with her and her family around a fire while Olivia played some of her new songs, and some of her older ones.

We drove from there to Knoxville and stayed for a week to do business.

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…it’s probably clear that I haven’t been regular about updating this record of my thoughts and ideas. Often when I have some old paperwork I’m about to throw out, I will put in a back-dated entry that details the memories related to the documents.

Occasionally, I’ll have something I can’t resist but talk about and it’s not appropriate for one of my other blogs. So I come here.

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Postcard Day!

It seems recently that the officials elected to represent us and make the laws that govern our society are reluctant to hear what we have to say.

Lawmakers are locking the doors to their offices, canceling their Town Hall meetings, shutting down their phone lines, and when they do hear from us, they are declaring that “THOSE are not the RIGHT Americans.”

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Musical Magic (round 2)

We made our way to Berkeley for a house concert by Rebecca Loebe — last stop on her album release tour for Blink.

She performed every song from the new album in sequence, although she took a break in the middle to entertain audiences with some of her classic material.

It was a magical night (I’m not casually dipping into hyperbole here — this woman truly has the power to create magic) and I know that I was not the only one in the audience who spent much of the night with teary eyes.Continue reading “Musical Magic (round 2)”