Just a Simple Road

…there’s a road I cross just about every day. It’s on the way to my neighborhood market that I must cross each time. There’s nothing special about it, but when I come to it and cross, I have had similar thoughts for about 5 months now.

You see, it’s not only a road I have to cross to get to my market, it’s also the road that has my election polling place on it. In fact, when I come to it, I look down it to the west and I can almost see the neighborhood church where we cast our ballots.

And for some time, the same thoughts come to my mind…

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Do Us A Flavor

…our artist friend Joshua Coffy has a signature phrase that often pops up when he encounters stupidity, narrow-mindedness, or crass insensitivity. (He’s a master of irony.)

So it made good sense that we should create a visual homage to his key phrase.

Fortunately, Lays launched another of its marketing programs designed to have people suggest new flavors for its chips. The convergence of Joshua’s increasingly more frequent invocation of his signature phrase, and the chance to craft it into a new potato chip flavor was utterly irresistible.

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Dear Senator McCain

…I had been meaning to do this for some time. Here’s the letter I sent to John McCain.

We were once the good guys.

You and I both fought for that.

We were the guys who rolled into town with food, medicine, and clean blankets.

We were the people who stepped in to put an end to torture and tyranny.

I know you and I haven’t always worked the same side of the aisle, but we BOTH love this country and stand for its greatness.

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Passports Can Die Too

A Saturday night on the way to the airport with plenty of time to spare to catch an 8:30pm international flight — feeling great about planning and setting up a spur of the moment trip in response to a last minute client request.

I thought to check in early for my flight to Ireland and pick out some nice seats. They asked (as they routinely do) for the expiration date on my passport.


THAT was when I realized that I’d not looked at it in months, and that it was past due. You really can’t fly if you don’t have a current passport. So after several of the usual stages of grief, I managed to get the airline on the phone and get things adjusted.

Hoping against hope, I located a couple of articles (here, and here) that offered advice about hyper-rushing a passport renewal.

Fortunately, I live in a city that has a passport office, and more fortunately, the people there are extremely nice about helping out travelers who find themselves in this predicament.

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Rain Sounds

…tonight we’re still experiencing the “atmospheric river” that will continue to flow into the heartland, bring storms across the continent in the coming week.


For us, it’s rain and wind – and what a dramatic show it is!

I had to step outside for a call with clients in the UK at 3:30am (which explains the hour of this entry), and the sound of the rain was merely dramatic at first. During the call however, the winds and the rain flurries increased to a level we might call awesome. (We might of course, call it that if the word hadn’t been eviscerated in popular culture by routinely being attributed to almost any mildly interesting experience.)

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…you know, when I started this journal, it was simply an exercise in writing regularly, and an opportunity to try out some writing styles that I don’t get to employ on a day to day basis.

vinnybeniceI write, of course, a great deal for my work, and a great deal in response to my drive to comment on the world around me. But for the most part, my writing is informational rather than narrative, and definitely in my natural voice.

When I started this thing on Live Journal so long ago, I took the opportunity to flirt with the absurd, with the whimsical, and with the imagined world of what’s not actually been said out loud.

Lately (in the last few years) I think mostly about writing that will serve my professional publishing efforts (like on Tech Whine, or See it Online) and I’ve abandoned the more fanciful exercises. I’ve also dropped the habit of simply writing in stream of consciousness and on the spur of the moment.

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Local Baker Harbors the Woman in Black

costeauxbakeryTheatre doesn’t always have to happen in a building designed for it. In fact, it’s totally possible for a theatrical group (like Healdsburg’s Raven Players) to shine in the very same place that delicious french pastries are created and sold.

The place is Costeaux French Bakery in Healdsburg, and the play was The Woman in Black. Appropriately for this holiday season, it was a ponderous atmospheric ghost story primarily featuring just two male actors.

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