…it’s probably clear that I haven’t been regular about updating this record of my thoughts and ideas. Often when I have some old paperwork I’m about to throw out, I will put in a back-dated entry that details the memories related to the documents.

Occasionally, I’ll have something I can’t resist but talk about and it’s not appropriate for one of my other blogs. So I come here.

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Musical Magic (round 2)

We made our way to Berkeley for a house concert by Rebecca Loebe — last stop on her album release tour for Blink.

She performed every song from the new album in sequence, although she took a break in the middle to entertain audiences with some of her classic material.

It was a magical night (I’m not casually dipping into hyperbole here — this woman truly has the power to create magic) and I know that I was not the only one in the audience who spent much of the night with teary eyes. Continue reading “Musical Magic (round 2)”

Just a Simple Road

…there’s a road I cross just about every day. It’s on the way to my neighborhood market that I must cross each time. There’s nothing special about it, but when I come to it and cross, I have had similar thoughts for about 5 months now.

You see, it’s not only a road I have to cross to get to my market, it’s also the road that has my election polling place on it. In fact, when I come to it, I look down it to the west and I can almost see the neighborhood church where we cast our ballots.

And for some time, the same thoughts come to my mind…

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Do Us A Flavor

…our artist friend Joshua Coffy has a signature phrase that often pops up when he encounters stupidity, narrow-mindedness, or crass insensitivity. (He’s a master of irony.)

So it made good sense that we should create a visual homage to his key phrase.

Fortunately, Lays launched another of its marketing programs designed to have people suggest new flavors for its chips. The convergence of Joshua’s increasingly more frequent invocation of his signature phrase, and the chance to craft it into a new potato chip flavor was utterly irresistible.

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Dear Senator McCain

…I had been meaning to do this for some time. Here’s the letter I sent to John McCain.

We were once the good guys.

You and I both fought for that.

We were the guys who rolled into town with food, medicine, and clean blankets.

We were the people who stepped in to put an end to torture and tyranny.

I know you and I haven’t always worked the same side of the aisle, but we BOTH love this country and stand for its greatness.

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